Become a Member

You can join the White River Valley Players for as little as $10 a year as a “friend.” Of course, if you send more, you can learn the secret handshake, get a special decoder pinkie ring, and a shiny new Player’s badge.

Actually, you don’t get any of those things. All you get is the satisfaction of helping the Players be “all they can be,” whether this means painting, building sets, acting on stage, being a “techie,” or driving for pizza and coffee for those people painting and building sets. Whatever your talents, we can use them! If you think you have no talent, we can teach you. If you think you have no money, you might take out a small business loan. But not from us! Our business is making the best community theater in Vermont happen right here in on the stage in Rochester, and the fun and satisfaction that goes with it.

Contact us about membership information. We will thank you, and so will our audience!